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What is the Yana Framework?

Yana is a business grade framework for PHP that aims to support you during your whole development process - not just MVC.

This software is a development-platform for building web-applications in PHP, AJAX and SQL. It provides rapid prototyping to get you up and running. Developers may work on a simulated database server that automatically your changes to the database as you code. Once you are ready to go, you may deploy your database to a real DBS at any time. It automatically adapts and updates your web-forms and PHP-code and supports multiple DMBS - not just MySQL. It offers an extended Smarty template engine with support for themes. Professional translators are offered support for auto-generated OASIS XLIFF standard files. Coders are offered support for developing highly variable software products using a flexible plug-in framework. Project maintainers are be supported by self-diagnosis tools and high test-coverage. A graphical installation agent is being prepared to aid you during the deployment phase.

That said: Yana is easy to learn and well documented. Video tutorials and tons of documentation, including many pictures and annotated screens, are available to aid you during your first steps.

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